JAWS Scripts For Skype for Business (SFB) 2016

General Information

This page is laid out for easy navigation via JAWS:

Version 2016

These are JAWS scripts for Skype for Business 2016, from now on called simply SFB. These scripts are intended for SFB 2016 versions released by Microsoft in mid to late 2017 or later. They may work with older SFB versions, but this has not been tested. Documentation of script usage and features can be viewed by typing Insert+F1 twice in quick succession from within SfB while these scripts are running.

This script version is dynamic, meaning that updates to it will be made "in place." Newer revisions will replace older ones, and I will add change notes to this section as changes are made.

Here are the changes in this version, most recent first. In JAWS, use the h or 3 keys to move through changes by release date, or Tab to jump straight to the download links.

Revision 376, released February 26, 2019, tested against SFB version 16.0.11231.20174 and about 13 earlier versions released after August, 2018

Revision 365, released August 23, 2018, tested against SFB versions 16.0.10325.20082 and 16.0.10325.20118

Revision 358, released August 15, 2018, tested against SFB version 16.0.10325.20082

Revision 346, released May 22, 2018

This is the first release of this script version. See the menus at the top of this page for access to previous scripts intended for Lync 2013, Skype For Business 2015, and early versions of Skype For Business 2016. These are the changes since the June 13, 2017 release of those scripts (revision 325):

Download: Version 2016 executable installer (can also open with 7Zip)