JAWS Scripts For Skype for Business 2015 and Early 2016 and Lync 2013

General Information

This page is laid out for easy navigation via JAWS:

Version 2013/2015 and early 2016

These are JAWS scripts for Skype for Business 2015 (SfB) and Microsoft Lync 2013 (Lync), from now on collectively called simply SfB. Documentation of script usage and features can be viewed by typing Insert+F1 twice in quick succession from within SfB while these scripts are running.

This script version is dynamic, meaning that updates to it will be made "in place." Newer revisions will replace older ones, and I will add change notes to this section as changes are made.

Here are the changes in this version, most recent first. In JAWS, use the h or 3 keys to move through changes by release date, or Tab to jump straight to the download links.

Revision 325, released June 13, 2017

Primarily to support command key change for non-English script installations, there is now a way to configure the command key to use: Type the current command key followed by JAWSKey+C or Ins+C. An edit box will appear where you can type the key you want as a command prefix. Examples, exactly as they should be typed:

Warning: If you accidentally set the command key to something you cannot type, you will currently need to edit it in these scripts' .jcf file in the JAWS user directory under the MKCSOptions section.

Revision 321, released June 9, 2017

This revision avoids extra speech during arrowing through a chat history list in Lync 2013. This update should not affect users of Skype for Business 2016. This fix has been tested in Lync 2013 versions 15.0.4911.1000 and 15.0.4420.1017. It may not work for some other Lync 2013 versions.

Revision 311, released May 30, 2017

Important: This revision changes some commands; please read these notes before downloading and installing the revision.

To avoid key conflicts with both local and global hotkeys, some of which can be changed dynamically by SFB based on context, this revision changes the following script commands from Ctrl+Shift combinations to key sequences. All key sequences begin with a left bracket ([). The left bracket replaces Ctrl+Shift and is typed before, not simultaneously with, the final key for each command.

Other script commands remain unchanged.

Further updates in this revision:

Revision 291, released February 15, 2017

This version corrects a few anomalies introduced by recent SFB updates:

Sender and timestamp information are again announced during navigation among chat messages.

The word "Unread" is removed from the beginning of many messages (read and unread).

Ins+T should no longer read unrelated conversation names in a multi-conversation window along with the correct name.

Ctrl+F4 again works to close the current conversation in a multi-conversation window.

JAWS' spoken identification and tutor text for many SFB controls are updated.

Ctrl+Shift+E pops up a JAWS edit box for editing edit control content. This is particularly useful for handling extreme sluggishness in chat input boxes. When using this feature, remember to press Enter once to close the JAWS edit popup, and again to send the message in SFB.

If anyone experienced surprise resets of SFB-specific JAWS settings from time to time, this should no longer happen.

Note that two features of particular interest are still lacking; namely, automatic announcement of incoming chat messages when focus is in the chat window, and chat message reading with Alt and numbers and/or letters. For the first of these, I have not seen a way to implement this announcement in current SFB versions. For the last, I have been waiting for SFB to settle down because any implementation of this feature will involve significant code dependency on the exact structure and behavior of chat message lists and items.

Revision 273, released August 3, 2016

In a tabbed conversation window, Ins+T includes the position of the current tab among tabs as well as the count of tabs available.

Revision 272, released August 2, 2016

Fixes the reading of other chat tab names on Ins+T when more than one chat tab are present.

Revision 271, released August 1, 2016

Revision 266, released January 25, 2016

Revision 264, released December 15, 2015

This revision fixes installer and compilation issues:

Revision 260, released October 15, 2015

Typing the JAWS SayLine command (Ins+Up) three times in quick succession will place the focused chat line in a JAWS virtual buffer for review. This is particularly useful for long and multiline chat messages.

The installer for these scripts should also work now with JAWS 17.

Revision 254, released August 20, 2015

This revision makes Ins+F7 and JAWSKey+F7, when typed while focus is on a chat history entry in a chat window, bring up a list of any links in that chat entry for review and/or selection.

Revision 250, released August 10, 2015

This is the initial release of these scripts. Refer to the manual for a feature list.

Download: Version 2013/2015 and early 2016 executable installer (can also open with 7Zip)