Skype UWP Scripts

General Information

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Version Current

These are my scripts for Skype UWP, also known as Skype for Windows 10. These are not to be confused with my scripts for the Classic Skype for Windows Desktop client.

Warning: At this time, these scripts are beta quality and are expected to be imperfect. They are a work in progress; and while testing and constructive feedback are welcome, patience will be necessary. In particular, there may be incomplete or extra speech, inconsistent behavior of some functions, and even freezes or crashes during this phase of script development.

These scripts are dynamic, meaning that updates to them will be made "in place." Newer revisions will replace older ones, and I will add change notes to this page as changes are made. Since Skype UWP updates automatically with Windows and is a consumer-grade product, I assume it is practical for all script users to keep up to date with Skype UWP changes. There is thus no need for me to keep old revisions around for download. To help users verify applicability of script revisions though, I will include Skype UWP version numbers with each revision in the rlease notes below. Use the JAWS Ctrl+Ins+V command to check your Skype UWP version for comparison.

Here are the changes in the scripts, most recent first. In JAWS, use the h or 3 keys to move through changes by release date, or Tab to move to the download link. For these scripts, the download link will be the last link on the page.

Beta work, not released, for Skype UWP versions and

This is the first visible instance of these scripts. See the Skype UWP scripts users guide for details on commands and features. At this time, the scripts are very fluid; so undocumented updates can occur at any time, sometimes several times in a day.

Download: Version Current executable installer (can also open with 7Zip)