JAWS Version Check Requested
Doug Lee
September 16, 2013

I am working on some upgrades to the Skype script code and the installer I use for these scripts, and I need to make some decisions about what JAWS versions to support, as supporting older versions of JAWS is becoming trickier, harder for me to test, and probably less and less necessary. I want to get a feel for what JAWS versions are in use out there, so I can decide where to spend my time.

So, a request: Could everyone who is using my scripts please type Ctrl+Shift+W once while in Skype in the next day or two. This will open my home page in your browser but will also send me a bit of information about what you're running. Information sent includes your JAWS and Skype version numbers, your script version and revision number, the type of Braille display you're using (if any), and your Skype ID so I can keep from counting multiple visits to my site as more than one person's configuration.

When typing Ctrl+Shift+W, please be running the newest JAWS version you are ok with using with Skype. The fewer JAWS versions I must support, the quicker I can get fixes and updates out to everyone.

Thank you all very much for your help here.

For the curious, here's a rough idea of the cost of supporting each JAWS version, going back from current:

JAWS 15 and 14
Not a problem. There is a simple way to install SkypeWatch here also.
JAWS 13 and older
SkypeWatch installation is somewhat complex, and supporting this JAWS version means I must maintain two installation approaches. Also, whenever I get my next laptop, it will probably be a Windows 8 machine and will not run JAWS 13 and older, at least readily. Testing for bugs before release, therefore, will probably become difficult or impractical within the next six months.
JAWS 12 and older
I must support JAWS Options dialogs instead of the Quick Settings system added in JAWS 13. This is for the verbosity options. My support of JAWS 12 and older is the reason that JAWSKey+V does not show Quick Settings in JAWS 13, 14, or 15 yet.
JAWS 11 and older
If I support anything this far down, I am unable to use some very powerful features of the JAWS scripting language added in
JAWS 12. This is an all-or-none line
I either stop supporting JAWS 11 and older, or I don't use the new power. I wish to stop supporting anything older than JAWS 12 soon for this reason.
Free if I support JAWS 11.
JAWS 9 and older
An improvement in SkypeWatch installation methods ceases to work this far back. Supporting JAWS 9 and older requires me to avoid the newer approach or support a total of three installation procedures. Also, I am not reasonably able to test JAWS 9 and older, so catching bugs will not happen until after release.
JAWS 8, 7, and 6
No known cost over that incurred by supporting JAWS 9.
JAWS 5 and older
Already abandoned.

So again, please type Ctrl+Shift+W sometime in the next day or two while running the newest JAWS you are fine with using with Skype.

Thanks again to all.