JAWS Scripts For TeamTalk4Classic

General Information

This page is laid out for easy navigation via JAWS:

Version 4.2a

This is the first public release of these TeamTalk scripts for JAWS. Documentation of script usage and features can be viewed by typing Insert+F1 twice in quick succession from within TeamTalk while these scripts are running.

This script version is dynamic, meaning that updates to it will be made "in place." Newer revisions will replace older ones, and I will add change notes to this section as changes are made.

Here are the changes in release 4.2, most recent first. In JAWS, use the h or 3 keys to move through changes by release date, or Tab to jump straight to the download links.

Revision 126, released May 15, 2013

This update just makes Ctrl+Shift+S and automatic announcements of state changes like toggling push-to-talk and voice activation work properly under TeamTalk 4.5.

Revision 124, released January 24, 2013

Revision 119, released November 29, 2012

Revision 107, released October 29, 2012

Minor update that makes the new verbosity options available in JAWS 13 and 14.

Revision 106, released October 29, 2012

This update was tested more by assistant testers than by me.

Revision 96, released May 2, 2012

Revision 85, released March 16, 2012

This is an update to fix some problems with the just-released TeamTalk 4 Classic version 4.3 client. This update includes the following enhancements:

Revision 80, released February 18, 2012

A JAWS freeze on Ctrl+Accent from a popup window, such as a user's gain control window, is fixed.

Revision 78, released February 1, 2012

The commands for cycling among TeamTalk windows, Ctrl+Accent and Ctrl+Shift+Accent, should not stall on minimized chat windows anymore. This update also completes localization preparations, so translators can begin producing translated script versions by translating the jsm files etc.

Revision 72, released January 16, 2012

Revision 69, released January 15, 2012

Initial release version.

Download: Version 4.2a executable installer | Version 4.2a source and JAWS 12 binaries