JAWS Scripts For Dropbox
Doug Lee
Last Revised October, 2021

This document describes the scripts for Dropbox and provides tips for using this application with JAWS. This document can be opened from within the application via a double press of JAWSKey+F1 (or Insert+F1) when the scripts are running.

Table of Contents

System Requirements For JAWS Users

In addition to any system requirements for the application, the following apply for JAWS users:

Script Installation Instructions

To install these scripts on a new system:

  1. Load JAWS if this has not already been done. This will require administrative privileges on the computer.
  2. Run JAWS as the user for whom the scripts are to be installed. This and the following steps must be performed for each user of the computer who will be using JAWS with these scripts.
  3. Download and run, or run directly, the installer for these scripts; and follow the on-screen directions. Be sure to install the scripts in the currently running JAWS version if a JAWS version list is presented.
  4. To verify successful installation, type Insert+Q from within the application. Part of the JAWS spoken response should be a revision number. If you do not hear a revision number, the scripts are not correctly loaded. In some cases, restarting JAWS may fix this issue.

Script Commands and Features

These scripts provide the following commands beyond those provided by the application itself:

These scripts also provide the following features:

Tips For Using the Share Screen

The Share screen can be accessed from within Windows Explorer via the "Share..." option in the Context menu for a folder in the Dropbox folder tree.

Adding Tokens To a Folder

In the Share dialog, Tab to the "To:" / "typeAhead input" edit box. To add someone by complete email address, type or paste the address and press Enter. The address will be added to a list of tokens; these will be added to the folder when the Share dialog closes.

The scripts also add support for an autocomplete feature in the "To:" edit box in the Share screen: As you start typing into the box, JAWS will announce the first item that appears when an autocomplete list pops up. Pressing Enter will add this item to the token list and close the autocomplete list. Up and Down arrows will move among the available items in the autocomplete list, and Enter will add the item last announced and close the autoComplete list. JAWS will beep and repeat the current item if an Up or Down arrow attempts to navigate past the top or bottom of the autocomplete list.

Note that this autocomplete support takes advantage of a feature in Dropbox itself whereby Up and Down arrows and Enter select items for addition to the token list, though Dropbox at this writing does not visually indicate this selection until Enter actually adds an item to the token list. Dropbox behavior on this point may change in the future.

To remove an entry from the token list:

Warning: A side effect of the just-described native Dropbox interface for deleting add list items is that pressing Backspace repeatedly in the "To:" edit box, such as to make sure the box is empty, can remove entries from the add list. To help users be aware of what is pending for addition to the folder, the scripts make JAWS announce the number of tokens in the token list after each press of Enter or Backspace while focus is in the "To:" edit box.

Further Information

Some buttons in the Share screen bring up new controls but do not move focus to them:

Known Issues

The following issues are known and may be encountered during use of the application with these JAWS scripts. These issues may be fixed in a future update to the scripts or to the application itself.

It may be necessary to Alt+Tab out of and back in to the Share dialog once in a while on opening it from within a folder in Windows Explorer in order to get JAWS to announce fields as you Tab through the dialog.

Left and Right arrows and the Backspace key do not speak normally in the Share screen's "To:" edit box.

Braille support is not well tested and is likely incomplete.

Revision History

This is the revision history of these scripts, most recent revision first:

Revision 32, released October 26, 2021, tested against application version 98.4.158

Revision 24, released June 05, 2020, tested against application version 98.4.158

Revision 15, October 21, 2019

Revision 14, October 19, 2019