JAWS Scripts For Hayaemon
Doug Lee
With contributions by
Jitendra and ramkumar (from the ultrauniverse team)
Last Revised September, 2012

This document describes the scripts for Hayaemon and provides tips for using this application with JAWS. This document can be opened from within Hayaemon via a double press of JAWSKey+F1 (or Insert+F1).

This document is laid out for easy navigation using JAWS HTML heading navigation commands: H will move through all headings, 2 through major sections, and 3 and 4 through any subsections or subsubsections.

Table of Contents

Script Features In Brief

These scripts provide the following features beyond those available in Hayaemon itself:

System Requirements For JAWS Users

There are no known system requirements for these scripts beyond those for Hayaemon itself. However, JAWS versions older than 11.0 have not been carefully tested with these scripts. The scripts were written against Hayaemon 2.49 beta 12 for Windows.

Script Installation Instructions

To install these scripts on a new system:

  1. Load JAWS if this has not already been done. This will require administrative privileges on the PC.
  2. Run JAWS as the user for whom the scripts are to be installed. This and the following steps must be performed for each user of the PC who will be using JAWS with these scripts.
  3. Run the script installer and follow its instructions.

Known Issues

Sliders in the main screen are mostly not named at this time, but since they each immediately follow corresponding named edit spinboxes in tab order, their names are contextually apparent.