This page is laid out with questions as headings and answers below them, so JAWS users can use h to skim through questions.

Do these scripts work with the 64-bit version of TeamSpeak?

Yes, automatically. The 64-bit version of TeamSpeak uses a different application name, but the installer for these scripts takes this into account at installation time.

What versions of JAWS are supported by these scripts?

The scripts for TeamSpeak 3.3.0 and later, released in beta form in June, 2019 and officially in November, 2019, require JAWS 15.0 or later and were tested through JAWS 2020. The older scripts for TeamSpeak 3.0 work as far back as JAWS 14.0 but were not tested past JAWS 2019.

How do you read chat messages?

The standard commands for reading chats (Alt+numbers and/or Alt+arrows/Home/End work as expected. Also, Ctrl+Shift+C will bring up a JAWS virtual buffer of all the messages currently available, oldest first. Use Ctrl+End to jump to the bottom of the buffer, then look up for the latest chat messages. To switch among server, channel, and individual user chat messages, use the tab control in the main TeamSpeak window.

How should TeamSpeak be configured for maximum accessibility?

The following settings are recommended. This is based on TeamSpeak 3.0.11 and 3.0.16. This section may need revision for TeamSpeak 3.3.0. See also the next item regarding the TeamSpeak beta channel.

How do I get the TeamSpeak beta? I hear it works better with screen readers.

The way to upgrade to the beta is to join the beta download channel and then check for updates from within TeamSpeak. Click here for a TeamSpeak Forum article on how to join the beta channel. The article also includes release notes for the beta. Joining the beta channel will cause you to be notified of further beta updates as well.

Full directions from the above article for joining the beta channel (warning, not verified in TeamSpeak 3.3.0):