Virtual Audio Cable NVDA Add-on
Doug Lee
Last Revised May, 2021

This is the Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) NVDA add-on. This add-on improves NVDA's presentation of the Control Panel and the two audiorepeater apps. Current features:

Note that this add-on no longer modifies the tab order in the two audio repeater applications as did older add-on versions, because this caused more problems than it solved in VAC 4.60 and later.

Usage instructions:

Known Issues

This add-on causes help balloons for each field to speak as the field gains focus. However, this occurs after, rather than before, the announcement of the field type and value as applicable. This is due to the delay between focus change to new field and appearance of the help balloon associated with the field.

The rescue of focus after Start is pressed in the audio repeater applications may not always work.

Revision History

This is the revision history of this add-on, most recent entry first.

Version 2021.1.1, May 30, 2021

This revision adds support for NVDA 2021.1 as can best be established from the beta available at the time of add-on release.

Version 2020.1.2, September 12, 2020

This revision fixes the announcement of list items in the VAC Control Panel cable list.

Version 2020.1.1, July 26, 2020

Version 2020.1.0, January 13, 2020

This is the first revision that worked in NVDA 2019.3.x.

Previous revisions

There is no specific recorded history of which add-on revisions before the end of 2018 were released for public use. A rough sketch of add-on history follows, most recent entry first: